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Invest in Al Reem Island Properties

Al Reem Island rose to the top location for apartment rentals during the first and second quarters of 2023 due to the area’s high demand from tenants. Compared to 2022, when the island placed third in terms of tenant demand, it currently retains the top spot. These numbers demonstrate the area’s rising popularity among people looking for a cozy place to reside in Abu Dhabi.

The following benefits influence potential tenants’ decision to rent at Al Reem Island.

  1. Families seek a community with access to educational resources and places to go out on the weekends and in the evenings. There are many schools and nurseries in the area that use both British and American curricula. Some residential complexes may be reached on foot from Reem Central Park and Al Fay Park, both of which have playgrounds for kids and athletic fields.
  2. Business people like to live close to their place of employment. Al Qurm View, Sky Tower, Addax Park Tower, Tamouh Tower, and additional developments with residential and/or commercial buildings may be found on Al Reem Island. There are IT business offices, banks, airline headquarters, medical facilities, and much more within a 10-minute drive of the neighborhood.
  3. Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, the French and English-speaking division of Paris-Sorbonne University, draws students to Al Reem Island to study there.

Rental revenue that is reliable
On Al Reem Island, investors can earn a significant, steady income by renting out their property. The average return on investment for Q1 and Q2 of 2023 is displayed in the table below.

Affordable prices
Al Reem Island provides investors with a decent selection of properties to rent out their property based on their allocated budget by offering flats in the economical, mid-range, and luxury segments.

A variety of finished properties
Apartments with one to five bedrooms are available on Al Reem Island. Investors should take into account deals from respected UAE developers, such as Tamouh Investments LLC, Reportage Properties, and Aldar Properties. The area also offers real estate from Aldar Properties, the most sought-after developer in the emirate. The Yas Mall, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, and the five-star W Abu Dhabi are just a few of the projects this company is recognized for having completed in Abu Dhabi. This developer built a number of residential and commercial buildings on Al Reem Island, including Arc Towers, Gate Towers, Sun and Sky Towers, among others.

High resale income
Investors have the option to sell their property at a profit if they decide against renting it out due to a change in circumstances. Prices can increase by over a quarter of a property’s worth in a year or by around a sixth over the course of one or two quarters.

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