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Real estate Market Trends in Abu Dhabi:
2022 Outcomes and 2023 Projections

Affordable and luxurious real estate is available in Abu Dhabi, making it a great place to live and invest. The cost of inexpensive apartments has climbed by 2.71% compared to 2021, while the cost of affordable villas has reduced by 18%, according to Bayut’s Abu Dhabi Sales Report 2022. The Abu Dhabi real estate market has seen a 13% price increase in the luxury class.

By Q3 2022, there were 37.5% more transactions in the emirate than there were in Q3 2021, and 72.1% of those transactions were for off-plan constructions. Between January and September 2022, the Department of Municipalities and Transport registered 58,290 transactions totaling AED 13.3 billion (USD 3.6 billion), with 3,164 additional residential units supplied.

Luxury Apartments at Reasonable Prices
People looking for affordable homes in 2022 ranked the following regions as their top travel destinations:

Among those looking for inexpensive flats in Abu Dhabi.

  • Al Reef came in first. A 1-bedroom condo there costs AED 600,000 (about USD 163,000). The price per square foot in the neighborhood in 2022 was AED 686 (USD 187), which is 2.71% more expensive than in 2021. The ROI was 7.77%, ranking the region as one of the most desirable in the emirate for rental homes.
  • Al Ghadeer, which costs AED 501,000 (USD 136,000) for a 1-bedroom apartment, was the second-most popular option among buyers of affordable apartments. Every square foot costs AED 703 (US$190), and the ROI in the area is 7.06%.
  • Buyers were drawn to Baniyas, which has an average ROI of 4.75% and costs AED 746 (USD 203) per square foot. Its price decreased by 2.95% in line with 2021. AED 622,000 (USD 169,000) can get you a one-bedroom flat in the region.
  • The ROI for Masdar City is impressive at 7.18%. Here, the cost per square foot is AED 1,196 (USD 326). A 1-bedroom apartment in Masdar City costs AED 794,000 (about USD 216,000).

Among the most popular areas for ultra-luxury apartments in 2022 are the following areas:

  • Al Reem Island has a 6.65% ROI. The price per square foot in this location is AED 1,011 (about USD 275), showing a 1.99% increase from 2021. The price of an upscale one-bedroom apartment in the region is AED 834,000 (USD 227,000).
  • Al Raha, Another popular vacation spot for people who prefer comfort and seclusion is Al Raha Beach. The ROI for the area is 5.88%, and the average price per square foot is AED 1,226 (USD 330), up 3.92% from the prior year. Al Raha Beach’s luxury 1-bedroom condo costs AED 1,150,000 (USD 313,000).
  • Yas Island, which is the hub of entertainment in the Emirati city, comes in third with a price of AED 1,278 (USD 350) per square foot, up 4.18% from the year before. Here, a one-bedroom apartment costs AED 1,030,000 (about $280,000).
  • Saadiyat Island, The cultural center of Abu Dhabi, with a price of AED 1,693 (USD 460), boasts a record-breaking 13.19% growth per square foot compared to 2021. On Saadiyat Island, a one-bedroom luxury apartment costs AED 2,163,000 (about USD 589,000).

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